家长每周更新 11.19-23 Parent Update


Hello everyone,


We had an amazing PTC during the past week!



We all know that it’s not easy for TAS students’ parents to schedule such a period to come to school and communicate with the teachers, especially dads. A big thank you to all fathers who came and attended the meeting. For those who didn’t have a chance to be with the teachers this time, I strongly recommend you set another time to talk with them face to face.


It’s not only a kind of disappointment from children but also a huge pity for dads to be absent from the time with your kids. Besides, if a dad disciplines his child too strictly without bridging a good connection with him in advance, the kid tends to tell lies out of fear or be distracted due to mental burden. According to statistics, children grow better if mom is obedient to dad, respecting his position of leading the family and dad cares for mom, spending more than half an hour every day accompanying their child, inspiring his ambition and cultivating his character.


Parents can help teachers find their children’s obstacles in learning, reasons for not handing in homework their motivations, and if they have proper learning methods through PTC. It helps students a lot that problems are found and interfered in time.

对于还在ELL班级的3-5年级的同学的家长,请记得督促孩子们每周至少完成2篇READ NATURUALLY,老师接下去会增加教学的难度,但也会小心呵护孩子们的学习兴趣。太难或者太容易都会影响孩子们的大脑兴奋度。

For the parents whose children belong to G3-G5 ELL, please make sure your children finish at least 2 passages in Read Naturally. The teacher will give some tougher tasks to children in the coming weeks on the premise that they hold interest in learning. Questions which are either too difficult or too simple will reduce the brain’s level of excitement.



Then, I’m to share some experiences in America with you.


We visited 2 private Christian schools. One of them is kind of traditional and 35% of the graduates will be enrolled into American top 20 universities. The other is a innovative one where students learn knowledge and acquire abilities through tackling with practical problems. During our trip there, some children were working on a creative project: how to relieve the tensity when passengers walk into the flight cabin.


In the first school, there are more than 300 students, 25 teachers and 20 AP courses. The class is not big, just more than 10 students each. They have wide classrooms, long blackboards and warm lights. Some small rooms scatter in the classroom area where 3-5 students discuss about various projects. Never did we find noise in the hallway. Girls are more than 60% of all because American parents tend to send girls to private schools.


For those who are weak in English, the school provides ELL classes as well. But teachers do not give lessons in another classroom but accompany students in the main class. They communicate with students from time to time and give tutoring after classes. Most of the teachers have worked for more than 6 years in the school.


Students take charge of the reception of visitors. Those who are in the same grade as the visitors show them around the school. The enrollment tests and grading are held by outer testing center to ensure the quality. During our talks with around 20 Chinese overseas students there, they came up with a common advice that Chinese students should read more and work on vocabulary.


The second school has some connection with the D-School of Stanford University. We can find 3 words everywhere: see, think, and wonder. There are tools given to guide students how to do these 3 things. There are a lot of science labs and creative art rooms where all kinds of designing tools and 3D printers can be found. They have P.E lessons every day. Kindergarten classes have the scale of 10 children and in the high school, students are separated based on the projects they are working on with guiding teachers.


The tuition of either school is 20,000 dollars per year. The average age of teachers in the first school which was founded 18 years ago is 15 years older than that of TAS while the second was founded 15 years ago and the teachers in it are 5 years older than ours on average.



The first thing for TAS now is the new campus, and then comes the recruitment and retention of teachers. Let’s work together!




上海更新学校艺术周 TAS Art Week!


Art Week has taken place this past week at TAS! Students have been able to participate in chalk art, pin-wheel making, sculpting, a fashion show, and a talent show! It has been a full and exciting week as students and staff have taken time to create together! There is so much imagination and talent at TAS and we have loved being able to recognize and appreciate this.  Students have worked hard on their talents and creations and we could not be more proud of everyone’s efforts as we continue to climb higher together!

2018-19学年秋游 Fall Outing 2018

孩子们在今年的秋游活动中收获颇丰!1-3年级去了上海野生动物园,4-9年级的目的地则是多利农业园。每一个孩子都在探索的过程中增长了大量的知识。一些孩子有幸坐在游览车中近距离观察了野生动物,另一些则享受着在田地中播种,在烈日下挥汗的快乐。所有的孩子都对生命有了更深入的理解,并且对大自然愈发崇敬。总而言之,这美好的一天无论对孩子还是老师来说不仅仅只是一次美妙的回忆,更是一次共同进步的见证!Our students had a great time on their annual fall outing trip! Grades 1-3 visited the Wild Animal Park while grades 4-9 took a trip to Tony’s Farm. All the students were able to learn a lot as they adventured out together! Some students were able to go on a safari and see wild animals while others were able to plow and plant seeds learning about different aspects of the farm. All students cultivated a new appreciation for life and respect for nature as they explored these areas of Shanghai. Overall it was a great day for students and staff as we created new memories and went a little higher together!


2018学年运动会 Sports Day 2018


This past Friday students took part in our annual Sports Day! Students competed in various individual and team events throughout the day . Some students even made signs for their fellow classmates in order to cheer them on. We could not be more proud of all of their efforts and sportsmanship!

精神文化周回顾 Spirit Week Recap


Last week we finished spirit week with character day on Thursday and Chinese traditional dress on Friday. Students looked beautiful as they let their creativity shine through their costumes. Along with Spirit Week the Middle school had been taking part in Culture Week. They spent the entire week learning about Israeli and American culture. The Middle school students even put on a play in order to teach the elementary students about American and Israeli culture. The entire week was filled with new fun ways to learn and we are looking forward to using this excitement throughout the entire year.