已经过去的这半周Spirit Week让学校充满了笑声!Excitement at TAS in the midst of Spirit Week!


We are midway through spirit week at TAS where students and staff have come together to celebrate Transformation Academy! On Monday everyone came with crazy hair. On Tuesday students and staff enjoyed the school day wearing pajamas! Today, on Wednesday, we had twin T-Rex’s welcoming students to school! It has been a great week as everyone joins together to proclaim their TAS pride! We are looking forward to capping off the week on Friday with a culture show presented by our Middle School students!

主题文化周通知 Spirit Week Is Approaching!


In October we harvest. With passion and creativity we mount. Our annual Spirit Week is about to start with the goal of helping students understand the integration of Eastern and Western cultures!

小学部  Primary School:

时间Time 10.8 10.9 10.10 10.11 10.12


疯狂发型日Crazy Hair Day 睡衣派对Pajama Day 多胞胎服装日Twin Day 英雄人物装扮Super Hero Day 民族服饰/传统服饰Chinese Traditional Dress

初中部  Middle School:


Chinese, American, and Israeli culture week


A visit to Shanghai Jewish Refugee Memorial on Oct. 10th.



We long for your growth and gains during the activity.

新学年到来 A New Year


TAS has completed their first few weeks of the new school year. Students were excited to begin the year and have already taken part in a variety of activities. Students took part in the first flag raising of the year, practicing safety procedures,  and working on their creativity in art and music class. It has been a great start to the new year and the staff at TAS is very excited to see where the rest of the year takes us as we go higher together. 

2018年音乐汇演圆满落幕!- The 2018 Choir Concert Was A Success!


The TAS students put on a great performance during the annual choir concert. They worked hard for months preparing and rehearsing and their hard work paid off. We cannot wait to see what is in store for next year’s concert!


Thank you to all staff and everyone who came in support of our students!

成功的消防疏散演习 – Successful Fire Drill


The student’s at TAS recently took part in a fire drill to practice emergency procedures. All who participated did a great job in making sure everyone was out of the building quickly and safely. We are proud of our students and the important safety procedures they are learning!

六年级服务项目-6th Grade Serves TAS


For the past few weeks the 6th grade class has been using their time to serve the other grades. They have been helping teachers and students with studying, organizing, and various other tasks needed. We are thankful for their positive attitudes and loving hearts.

我们在上海医治之家传递爱心 – Serving at the Shanghai Healing Home


Over this past weekend 3rd and 4th grade students took time out of their busy schedules to serve at the Shanghai Healing Home. The students were able to play with children as well as feed them lunch. Everyone had a great time and our students at TAS were able to learn a lot through their service.