Ye Hong

叶红,安微省首届教坛新星,上海市高级教师。现任更新学校语文学科教研负责人,致力于培养汲取中华优秀传统文化营养,同时具有济世情怀的更新学子。叶红,安微省首届教坛新星,上海市高级教师。1982年毕业于安徽师范大学中文系,获文学学士学位。历任安徽省巢湖一中、巢湖八中、上海市实验学校教师、教研组长。曾多次被评为市先进教育工作者。 从教四十年,教学经验丰富、教态自然亲切、教学生动形象、深入浅出。曾撰写并发表论文及专著《语文课上第一道美丽的风景线》 《关于高考复习后期作文强化训练的思考与实践》《中学语文发散思维辅导》(高三、高二册)《上海H版教材高二语文复习指导》《高三语文第二轮复习指导》等。现任更新学校语文学科教研负责人,致力于培养汲取中华优秀传统文化营养,同时具有济世情怀的更新学子。叶红,安微省首届教坛新星,上海市高级教师。1982年毕业于安徽师范大学中文系,获文学学士学位。历任安徽省巢湖一中、巢湖八中、上海市实验学校教师、教研组长。曾多次被评为市先进教育工作者。 从教四十年,教学经验丰富、教态自然亲切、教学生动形象、深入浅出。曾撰写并发表论文及专著《语文课上第一道美丽的风景线》 《关于高考复习后期作文强化训练的思考与实践》《中学语文发散思维辅导》(高三、高二册)《上海H版教材高二语文复习指导》《高三语文第二轮复习指导》等。现任更新学校语文学科教研负责人,致力于培养汲取中华优秀传统文化营养,同时具有济世情怀的更新学子。徐家良,上海市特级教师,全国优秀教师。

1982年毕业于安徽师范大学中文系,获文学学士学位。曾任上海市实验学校教师、教研组长。曾多次被评为市先进教育工作者。 从教四十年,教学经验丰富、教态自然亲切、教学生动形象、深入浅出。

曾撰写并发表论文及专著《语文课上第一道美丽的风景线》 《关于高考复习后期作文强化训练的思考与实践》《中学语文发散思维辅导》(高三、高二册)《上海H版教材高二语文复习指导》《高三语文第二轮复习指导》等。

Mrs. Hong, is honored as the first educational star in Anhui province. She is a Shanghai advanced senior teacher. Currently she is the TAS Chinese teaching and research head and is dedicated to cultivating caring students with traditional Chinese culture.

Mrs. Hong graduated from Anhui Normal University in 1982 with a bachelors degree in Chinese. She was a teacher of Shanghai experimental school and leader of the teaching and research team. Mrs. Hong was awarded as a municipal advanced teacher many times during her career. With more than 40 years of teaching her teaching experience is rich and her teaching style is natural, friendly, vivid, concise and clear.

Mrs. Hong’s published papers include:

“The First Line of Beautiful Scenery on Chinese Classes”

“The Thinking and Practice of the Strengthen Training on the Composition in University Entrance Exam”

“The Middle School Chinese Divergent Thinking Guidance”

“Shanghai H Edition Teaching High School Chinese Review Guide”

“Second Round Guide for G 12 Chinese Review”

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